Module 7 – Thesis

This is the last or one but last module, where the student needs to prove he/she can master all knowledge and skills in the form of a thesis.

Course objectives

The student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate his/her ability to use and integrate knowledge and competences acquired in the six modules and possibly the internship for an advanced, master level research, development and/or design project that adheres to international scientific standards and shows originality and scholarship.
  • Demonstrate his/her ability to present the process and the results of the project in both written and oral format and to defend and discuss one’s work in conformity with international scientific conventions.


The (individual) academic research that results in a master thesis deals with a specific need or issue that is relevant to the present-day practice of geoinformation management and application. In some cases the subject of the thesis will originate from a student project carried out in module 6 or the internship; in other instances the subject of the thesis will be brought in front by the candidate or GIMA lecturers. In all cases the subject of study should reflect the main objectives of the GIMA programme.

Type of education

  • Independent thesis research
  • Presentation


  • Written thesis
  • Research/design process
  • Presentation
  • Discussions


GIMA Master Thesis Regulations (see Course Catalogue)

Entry requirements

  • – Letter of acceptance of the master programme Geographical Information Management and Applications
  • – Passed at least five out of six content modules


The thesis is subject to specific regulations (see Course Catalogue).

Recent Theses

Click here for recent examples of theses.

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