The blended-learning set-up of GIMA allows for our students to live practically anywhere in the world. The only restriction being the contact days, during which everyone’s presence is obligatory in the Netherlands. Most of our foreign students usually decide to live in the Netherlands however, and this is especially true for their first year of GIMA. The choice is up to you.

In the Netherlands we don’t have the tradition of on-campus accommodation, but instead most students live in or near their university town in their own (rented) room. If you are planning to live in the Netherlands during your GIMA studies, we recommend you start looking for a room as soon as possible. This can be in any of the four university towns (Delft, Utrecht, Wageningen, or Enschede), but can also be in another Dutch town of your choosing.

Generally, and depending on location, size and amenities, you should expect to pay between €300 to €600 a month for your accommodation. In most of those cases you may have to share the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and/or living room with other students. For more detailed information on what you can expect, including other tips and tricks for finding good housing, visit the Study in Holland website; they provide information for international students coming to the Netherlands on a wide range of subjects. They also provide useful links to websites where listings are given for student rooms.

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