Financial Information

Walk through the diagram below; by answering the questions one by one you can derive the fee that applies to you (tuition fees for 2020-2021 are shown).

  • If you have more than 3 years professional experience in a geo-information environment you may request an exemption for the internship which reduces the amount of time to finish the programme by half a year for full-time students and by one full year for part-time students.
  • You are entitled to reimbursement for a portion of your tuition fees when you terminate your enrollment. For each month that you are no longer enrolled, you will be reimbursed 1/12 of the tuition fee.
  • These are the standard fees for Utrecht University, as this is the University that GIMA is officially registered at and thus handles all registrations for GIMA. Registration at University Utrecht is always for a September start (or restart) of the programme.
  • For more information about the tuition fees, please visit the website of the Utrecht University.

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