Module 8 – Internship

This module serves as a module where the student has to gain work experience and apply all the knowledge obtained in previous modules in the real world


Nederland van Boven screenshot

Nederland van Boven – one of our students’ internship projects

Gaining work experience.

Course objectives

The student will have:

  • Applied in practice and tested the theoretical and practical knowledge accumulated in modules 1 – 6. The modules contributed to mastering the student’s syllabus and improving the student’s basis for graduation.
  • Acquired or increased technical experience, insight into business, and social and other skills.
  • Been given the opportunity to become familiar with a geo-information workplace.


The internship allows the student to gain practical experience in a (geo-information) working environment. The internship contributes to the successful fulfillment of the needed knowledge and experience of an academic and professional GIMA graduate. It allows the student to expand his/her professional experience and creates a sound basis for graduation. The internship is carried out within geo-information companies, agencies and research institutes in the Netherlands or abroad.

Entry requirements

Letter of acceptance of the master programme Geographical Information Management and Applications and passed five of the six content modules 1 Р6.


The internship is subject to specific regulations (see Course Catalogue).

Type of education

  • Internship or (optional individual programme) internship and additional university course
  • Internship report or article
  • Personal reflection report


  • report
  • presentation


An internship exemption is possible when specific conditions are fulfilled as described in the module regulations.


Regulations for the internship in the GIMA MSc (see Course Catalogue).

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