Part-time or full-time?

In GIMA it is possible to follow the Master programme either full-time or part-time. Many students also feel attracted by the blended learning concept which better allows them to live where they want and combine studies with other activities (like part-time work or family). However, it should be noted that although GIMA’s blended learning offers flexibility, it also requires individual study discipline as the overall workload is at least comparable to that of more traditional Master programmes. GIMA is also a relatively long programme of 2 (full-time) or 4 (part-time) years duration with the possibility to specialize during the 30 ECTS thesis research project and 30 ECTS internship. Students with more than 3 years of relevant experience in a geo-information organization may be exempted from the internship. The modular set-up for following the programme full-time or part-time are shown in the below table.


Related to the part-time option is the opportunity of flex-studying. This option allows to study part-time with a tuition fee related to the number of credits you will be taking (plus 15% administrative costs).

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