Programme Structure

The MSc. GIMA programme is offered as blended learning. At the beginning of each module there are 3 contact days in which the lectures are being held and the assignments explained. After that there is a period of distance learning of approximately 12 weeks. At the end of the module there are two examination days at one of the four universities. The modular set-up is shown below.

The date of the first day of introduction can be found in the GIMA Year Schedule.


Important notes on the programme:

  • You can get exemption for the internship or modules if you can prove sufficient relevant experience.
  • The modules can also be attended separately. This will result in separate certificates instead of an MSc. certificate.
  • Introduction lectures, exams and presentations are given in contact weeks in the beginning and end of every module. For a detailed schedule of the required periods of attendance and the periods of distance education, have a look at the GIMA Year Schedule.

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